green cat eyed snake (Boiga cyanea)


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I aim to price competitively and provide value to my customers, but I may not always have the cheapest snakes at the show. And sometimes two very similar looking or closely related snakes may garner vastly different prices. So just how do I set those prices? My pricing criteria is based on a variety of factors including: fair market value, the current needs of my projects, my subjective tastes and desire to keep or part with particular animals, the investment of time or money I've put into raising, keeping and feeding those animals, and/or the inordinate amount of debt I have tied up in graduate and veterinary school loans (kidding… but seriously). Please keep this criteria in mind when considering the price tag I've placed on an animal -- it is the sum of these factors and not a reflection of the intrinsic value of the snake! Every animal that I sell represents the epitome of quality; each was personally bred or collected and pampered by me into a state of good health and regular feeding unless explicitly stated otherwise. I would encourage you to browse my availability openly and confidently, paying little regard to the price tag until the point of sale. I regularly consider trades (the worst I can say is 'no'!) and have a lot of experience on both sides of a reasonable payment plan, so please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

Shipping is calculated based on distance and weight/shape of the package, and usually runs between $45-50 anywhere in the continental U.S.  Live animals are shipped FedEx priority overnight, Monday-Wednesday (no exceptions) to your nearest FedEx holding facility.  Since 9 out of 10 problems occur between the delivery truck and your door, I will only ship to a residential location under extraordinary, pre-arranged circumstances. To date, I have never lost an animal in shipping, so I appreciate your cooperation with this protocol. I ail not ship with UPS under any circumstances.
Live, healthy arrival guarantee!

I guarantee live arrival on all animals I ship, and I guarantee their health for 48 hours thereafter, but this guarantee is conditional upon your contacting me immediately, specifically within three (3) hours of arrival time (from the time stated on the FedEx tracking page).  I require that you email me detailed photographs of the DOA animal and ship it back to me in a sealed container at my expense.  I cannot be held responsible for a buyer's failure to pick up an animal promptly after it arrives.  If an animal deteriorates within 48 hours of its arrival, I will replace it (when possible) or refund the purchase price.  For animals that are picked up locally, I extend my guarantee for a full week.


hypo pueblan milk snake (Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli)

2010 Male "LA hypo" pueblan milk snake (L. t. campbelli) - Produced by Dennis Mountain

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