Mar 2010

Q: Relocating long distance with multiple animals

Q: In about two months we will be moving from Ohio to Florida. We have multiple animals, 60+, and I'm curious to hear from others who have made a long distance haul with multiple animals, good tips on safe travel, ways to reduce stress on animals, etc. The total trip is about 20-24 hours depending on traffic and stops. We have the option to stop roughly mid way in TN (family resides there) to stop for a breather or for the night. I'm not sure what would be best for the animals, to be able to give them a break, let them stretch their legs and whatnot, or to just tough it out and fly striaght through. I have, what I believe, to be adequate transport containers but I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone on what they have used and the success they had. Thanks.

A: I've never had to move lizards, but for snakes I've put the larger ones in pillow cases (deli cups or other such containers work well for small snakes) and then placed them in styrofoam coolers.  The pillow cases preclude a "snakes on a plane" type of incident and the styrofoam coolers seem to keep temperatures fairly stable during the trip.  A few stops were necessary during my trip to change some soiled pillow cases, but the animals seemed to tolerate it fairly well and all settled in comfortably after the move.  Best of luck!