Jul 2011

Road rescue surprise!

After a largely unsuccessful afternoon hike -- the kind that would have only appealed to a tick enthusiast -- I jumped in the car and headed home. It was about 8:30 p.m. and the sun was about to set on this fairly suburban road in the piedmont of NC. I hadn't gotten more than 50 feet before I saw something in the two-lane road that couldn't possibly be a snake. The serpentine object looked to be as thick as my forearm (hint: huge! icon_e_biggrin ) and extended from the road's shoulder almost to the double yellow line. I threw on my hazards, screeched to a stop and jumped out of my jeep, flailing my arms like an idiot, pleading oncoming traffic and those honking behind me not to come any further. They granted me the twenty seconds I needed to scoop this giant from the middle of the road safely to the wooded shoulder where my brother and accomplice snapped these pictures. While I doubt this would have contended for any state records -- and probably won't even impress some on this forum -- this is personally the largest obsoleta I have ever seen. For scale, I'm about 6 feet and she's folded in half in my pictures. She was at least my height if not longer. Truly a gentle giant. Watching this one flow smoothly back into the woods was nothing short of breathtaking. It made an afternoon of chiggers completely worthwhile.



Source: http://www.fieldherpforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=6994