Jul 2009

Q: How to locate a lost ball python ?

Q: I'm posting this for someone whom i'm doing a trade with...
He recently lost the ball python we were to trade and he cannot seem to locate her at all... He fed her the one night and then didn't close to bin tightly ... Now she's gone and he cannot seem to find her anywhere...

Is there any tips i can pass onto him on how he can find her ? He said he's ripped the whole house apart with no luck at all and no signs on finding her..

Any help and ideas on what he can do to find her, would be awesome.

A: I've heard a lot of techniques ranging from various traps (baited and non-baited) like minnow traps to "I follow my cat around the house."  Personally, my secret weapon: a warm spot in a cold room.  If you can isolate the snake to a single room or two, cool them to the low 70s (low enough to be uncomfortable, but nothing too dangerous) then offer an awesome warm hiding spot -- a heating pad under a blanket works well -- and vacate the room for awhile.  Remember, pythons (with the exception of Aspidites) have labial pits that allow them to detect heat.  In a cold room that hiding spot will stand out like a bright red beacon against a black field, and you're very likely to find him within a day or two.  If there is a fridge in the room, behind or under it is usually the first place to check.  It too is warm and cozy, and many a lost snake has been found there!  Good luck. - BJW

Source: http://www.iherp.com/Answers/ReptileProblem.aspx?Id=7130