Jan 2010

A new strategy for 2010?

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The ongoing legislative attacks against the herpetoculture hobby and industry have taught me a lot in the last few years, one of the most poignant lessons being how deceptive some of these gigantic lobbyist agencies are with regard to their stated purposes and intentions.  It will come as no surprise to anyone here that "the ethical treatment of animals" doesn't even begin to accurately characterize the true nature of PETA's or HSUS’s political agenda.  That said, consider how many thousands (maybe millions?) of people donate money to these agencies every year thinking they're doing their part as active citizens without ever paying another lick of attention to how their money is being used.  I bet many people would be shocked to learn the scope of HSUS's agenda.  And outraged to think of their money being used to support it. 

While listing an item on eBay tonight, I noticed a strange option on my "create listing" page.  Refer to the image at the beginning of this blog.

I have to wonder how many thousands of dollars HSUS gets from generous (albeit totally clueless) benefactors that contribute in this way.  And not just from eBay, but from other websites.  And from the millions of stupid plastic yellow dogs you see at bars and restaurants all over the country -- the ones with the sad droopy eyes you can't help putting nickels into when you're drunk. 

Our defensive work against S373 and the related legislation that will undoubtedly follow it is far from over, but maybe while we have these brief hiatuses as we wait for Congress to vote, or while we're waiting for new meetings and hearings, maybe it's time to go on the offensive a bit?  If you've done your part screaming yourself hoarse at your state representatives, maybe it's time to send eBay a note bringing the deceptive nature of HSUS's practices to their attention.  Or maybe it's time to write your family and friends and describe to them HSUS's true colors.  It's going to take a lot more than just a concerted defensive on our part to protect our freedom to keep and breed reptiles; I think we need to send a powerful message to these lobbyists that their misguided attacks have stirred up a hornet's nest of resentment.  And to do this we'll need to hit them where it hurts most -- in the pocketbook.  I don't expect these types of offensives will effect any sort of overnight change, but I do think they'll represent an important component of our success strategy.  After all, isn't a strong offense the best defense?