Feb 2009

Q: Calling all kingsnake breeders!

Q: So, im trying to breed my cali king pair. The first night i put them together, they were together for an hour and they had a successful copulation. Last night they were together for the same amount of time and he certainly did try, but to no avail. Tonight when i put them together, they ignored each other completely. My question is, is it possible that he got her on the first try and now they dont have any interest to do it again? Or should i not be putting them together every night? Should i wait a couple days in between each attempt? Thanks for your help in advance.

A: It's unlikely that their apparently waning interest is due to the male "knowing that he got her" (though it's likely that he did).  You wouldn't call a girl the day after meeting her at a bar, would you?  You wait a few days so you don't seem too eager, and you recharge your game, right?  He's doing the same thing, albeit in a less anthropomorphic way.  Good sex is tiring for both parties, and chances are they just need some time.  Too much forced interaction can be stressful and inhibit your success. Space out the pairings by a few days and just keep trying.  Try pairing at night too, if you aren't already.  And be watching for that tell-tale bulge!  Good luck. - BJW

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Q: Prolapse! Halp!

Q: How do i correct a rectal prolapse in Dover, my baby IJ carpet? I do not, repeat DO NOT have access to a good vet and i wont risk going to a sh*tty one. If you know how to correct this at home, please let me know. If your only advice is to go to the vet then please don’t respond. Thanks in advance.


A cloacal prolapse can be very serious and may very well require medical attention, but they're an easier battle than prolapsed hemipenes, and there's one option you might try first:  soak Dover in a cool bath (not typical lukewarm water, but notably cool -- low to mid 70s) with table sugar dissolved heavily in it.  The cool water constricts the blood vessles, and the sugar in the water creates a hypertonic (hypoosmotic) solution -- think back to high school bio -- drawing fluid from the tissue.  This reduces swelling and often shrinks the tissue enough that it will retract on its own.  If not, that plus a little KY jelly on a gloved finger, GENTLY encouraging the tissue back where it belongs, just may do the trick.  If this is unsuccessful, you will want to see a vet right away.  Good luck! - BJW

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