Aug 2009

Q: Scale rot or not?

Q: I had my male Ball Python out today for some exercise and noticed that he has 2 "scabs" on the underside of his head. I have included a picture because they are hard to describe. Does anyone know what this is? I keep him and my female on cypress mulch and there isnt excess moisture on the cage floor, the basking temp is at about 85-90 and the cool end 72-75 humidity is about 40% right now. Please help!

A: While it could be an early, focal version of something similar, that doesn't look anything like full blown scale rot to me.  If it is though, you caught it about as early as could be humanly possible.  Regardless of what it is, use a Q-tip with a little betadine solution and wipe gently in the direction of the scales.  Then treat with a topical triple antibiotic like neosporin (the old school one, not the "plus" edition with pain killer).  Do that daily for a 4-7 days and keep his cage clean.  I'd be willing to bet it disappears as quickly as it popped up.  Good luck. - BJW