I am very pleased to welcome you to the “NEW” Waffa House Reptiles! Yes, I realize it looks a lot like the old one. Maybe you didn’t even notice it had changed. What you might not see or appreciate though is that it has been completely rebuilt from scratch using entirely new software. My amateur coding trials/tribulations may not mean much to you as a reptile enthusiast, but what you will appreciate is the site editing flexibility I now have, which will allow me to do a lot of neat things I couldn’t easily do before. Things like maintain a more current and visible list of available animals, answer email questions and discuss current events and other herp topics directly on the site, even accept PayPal payments and share content fairly seamlessly with our Facebook page! While site layout and maintenance is an ongoing endeavor that never truly “finishes,” I think we’ve arrived at something we can proudly display and work with for the time being. I sincerely appreciate any constructive feedback as I work to make this site continuously more informative, intuitive, and useful for my customers and visitors. Thanks for coming by, and check back often!
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